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Drive me to the Stars.

Hold my hand,
Hold me.
In your proximity,
Slowly sweeps the sand
In the hour glass.

Beneath the pink sky,
You drive me to the longest route.
Fly with me to farthest star,
Dive with me to deepest seas.

Get high, without the drinks in the bar,
Take the blue car,
Wear the faded blue jeans,
Don’t take the watch, “You know what I mean!?”

Let’s escape time, let’s escape hours,
Let’s escape minutes, let’s escape seconds.
Let’s run away together.

Take me to the stars,
Shiny, glittering forever more,
Eternal, endless.
Just like our love.

Take me to the mountain top,
As high as you can,
Let that be fun,
As enjoyable as it can be.
Rest with me on the wet grass.

Gaze the night sky.
It’s pink,
Navy blue.
But it’s not black.
Just like our love.
Vibrant and Jolly.

Let’s escape with the Stars,
Let’s go to the moon.
And stay there.
For now,
And forever more.

© Sagacious_Miss